Here we would like to thank authors for the flat icons we used in our webiste!

1. Freepik - stars

<a href="" title="clean icons">Clean icons created by Freepik - Flaticon</a>

2.  bqlqn peach

<a href="" title="peach icons">Peach icons created by bqlqn - Flaticon</a>

3. Irvan Kurnianto - hands and heart

<a href="" title="comfort icons">Comfort icons created by Irvan Kurnianto - Flaticon</a>

Give heart: 

<a href="" title="love icons">Love icons created by Freepik - Flaticon</a>

Our mission

our mission is to provide eco-friendly solutions for water play that align with our dedication to preserving the planet. By offering endlessly reusable water balloons, we aim to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote sustainable living. We are committed to inspiring joy and creativity in outdoor activities while fostering a deeper connection to nature and a healthier environment for all."